Stuffed Mouse on Cat's Head – Conversation Cats #7

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Talking cat videos that are cute, funny or quirky. Mia is the cute cat and Gibs is the funny cat.
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This episode of Conversation Cats: Mia has a sneakin’ suspicion that she has a toy mouse on her head. Spoiler Alert: She does:)

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5bluepenguins says:

Yes mia there is a mouse on your head! But dont worry its adorable!

dean jarosh says:

No Mia, nothing on your head. Time to go to the store.

asdfasdfasdf14312312 says:

Perhaps M&G could take fan questions for a future episode? Snoop wants to know Mia's fashion/grooming tips. How old are the dynamic duo. Are they single?!

Conversation Cats says:

Is so thick she can't even feel petting!

Conversation Cats says:

That's because you are a great person:)

Conversation Cats says:

you should see her at Fashion week!

Conversation Cats says:

haha! Thanks for watching:)

Conversation Cats says:

I assure you Gibs WAS napping…. ALL DAY LONG!

asdfasdfasdf14312312 says:

I was half expecting "Gibs to da rescue!". But he was probably napping.

asdfasdfasdf14312312 says:

Oh Mia, there's no mouse, but you've got a little something in your teeth. πŸ˜‰ your pal, Snoop

chaigirl100 says:

Poor Mia! Her fur is so thick she couldn't feel a porcupine on her head!

Ernest Fiedler says:

When it comes to fashion trends, Mia is always in the vanguard!

Willow Jarosh says:

Awwwww, I would totally tell her that there is a mouse on her head πŸ˜‰

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