Tribute to Best Cat ever, "Blackjack". Crabby Siamese Mix. "Wind Beneath My Wings"

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You will cry. My tribute to the best cat ever, Blackjack, my Siamese mix to the song “Wind Beneath My Wings”. I jokingly told my brother, who thought I was crazy for loving this “ugly” black cat so much, that I would make a tribute video using Bette Midler singing this song, so I decided to just do it! He got feline Leukemia in 1989, but I wouldn’t give up on him, and had him treated by the best vet oncologist. The square bald spot on his side you see in the video was from a bone marrow aspiration to see if treatment would help. Blackjack was a real character, very talkative and independent, with a crabby sounding, low-pitched meow. He reminded me of a craggy, cantankerous, curmudgeonly old man who was really just a soft marshmallow underneath that crusty exterior. Blind in his left eye from glaucoma, with a cauliflower right ear from a cat fight years before, he was a sight, but he was beautiful to me! He lived 2+ more years in great health until he passed at age 18! For the first 2 months of treatment I had to force feed him egg yolk baby food twice a day, but he didn’t mind at all, such a good patient, in fact he regained his appetite and his previous weight of 16 lbs. He would lay on his back in my arms (like a baby) purring so loudly, and always greeted me with that low-pitch, crabby sounding meow, purring immediately (and loudly) when I picked him up. I miss him!

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Natalie Jane says:

What a beautiful tribute. 💖🐱

Crooksy Collins says:

I love your blackjack 😢 R.i.P I assume. We can only love them while we have them.

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